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The property tax process begins with assessment.  The assessment represents the value of the property as of January 1 of a given year.  If a property’s assessment changes, property owners are sent a notice of assessment around March.  After receiving this notice, property owners have a limited period of time to discuss the assessment with the assessor and appeal to the Village’s Board of Review if needed.  This is important because the property tax is calculated based on this assessment.  After the period for appeal has passed, it would normally be too late for the property owner to appeal the amount of property tax.  The Village of Holmen contracts its assessor services with Associated Appraisal Services.  They may be contacted at 1-920-749-1995.  You can view assessment details of Village of Holmen properties on the Associated Appraisal website when you do a Property Search; select La Crosse County to begin.

All overlying jurisdictions complete a budget and submit their levy amounts to the Village for use in calculating the overall tax rate.  The following jurisdictions make up the total tax rate for the Village: Village of Holmen, School District of Holmen, Western Technical College, County of La Crosse, State of Wisconsin.  The following pie chart indicates the appropriate portion of taxing jurisdictions.

Instructions for Finding Tax Bills on the La Crosse County Website

Click on the La Crosse County Land Records.  Search property by tax parcel, owner or address.  After you insert information and click “Search”, the person/property will appear at the bottom of the page.  Click on it.  A screen with tabs at the right will appear.  Click on “Taxes”.  The current tax year information will appear.  You can check previous years by clicking on the arrow in the tax year box.

Lottery Credit

If a lottery credit does not appear on the tax bill that applies to your primary residence, bring this to our attention when paying taxes. You must have resided there on January 1 to qualify, **TAX CREDIT PROGRAM** – 1st dollar credit, any taxable property with improvements qualifies for this credit.

Tax Payments

  • First Installment is payable to “Village of Holmen Treasurer” and due January 31st.
    • Mailing Address – Village of Holmen, PO Box 158, Holmen, WI 5463
    • Drop off at our office during normal business hours – Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM at 421 South Main St., Holmen.
    • Place in our 24-hour drop off box near the front doors of Village Hall located at 421 S. Main St., Holmen.
    • Pay by credit card – You now have the option to use a third party, AllPaid to make tax payments to the Village of Holmen. AllPaid will charge you a 2.75% convenience fee for tax payments Via Web or Gov$wipe.  To use this method you can stop in our office or visit AllPaid.com. You will need the Village of Holmen Pay Location Code in order to process your payment.  Pay Location Code to pay Property Taxes is #5990.
  • Second Installment is payable to the “La Crosse County Treasurer” after January 31st.
    • Address – La Crosse County Treasurer, 212 6th St. N., La Crosse, WI 54601, (608) 785-9711