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The Holmen Wiffle Ball League is not a Holmen Park & Recreation operated program, it is a league operated by a Holmen student – Alois Roeckers and adult supervision. Holmen Park & Recreation is co-sponsoring by assisting the program with field space, registration, and for liability purposes.

The Holmen Wiffle Ball League is open to boys and girls ages 10-16. Practices will be Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:45pm-7:30pm at Ponderosa Park (300 Flora Ct., Holmen WI 54636). Games will be played on Fridays. Both games and practices will be determined by the league your child is put in (A and B). Leagues are assigned based on the player’s experience, age, and other factors. For the first 2 weeks, everyone will attend the same practice. Monday will remain the same as the first 2 weeks, but every Wednesday, leagues will have different practices. Parents must attend the first practice (June 5th) to receive information about the league.

Open to: Boys and Girls, Ages 10-16
Season: June 5th – August 25th, 2023
1st practice (all coaches, parents, and players): Monday, June 5th, 2023 at 5:45pm-7:30pm at Ponderosa Park (300 Flora Ct., Holmen WI)
Team Assignment day: Wednesday, June 14th, 5:45pm-7:30pm
Games/Times: Fridays – June 30th – August 25th. Series of 3 games start at 1:30 pm and last 2+ hours. Games are played in a series of 3 every day. Make sure your child has a way to get home and communicate when they’re done.
Location: Ponderosa Park (300 Flora Ct., Holmen, WI)
Fee: $15
Register By: Wednesday, June 5th, 2023 (before 1st practice)
Register: Online or complete a Printable Registration Form and submit to…
In-person at the Holmen Village Hall main office (421 S. Main St., Holmen WI 54636), Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm.
By mail to: Holmen Park & Rec. Dept., PO Box 158, Holmen WI 54636), or by drop box (Holmen Village Hall, 421 S. Main St., Holmen WI).
Volunteer coaches are needed for all teams. Coaches will be assigned the same day teams are. To be a coach, you must complete (download). The parent must complete the form, and notify Alois Roeckers (league manager) within the first 3 practices, otherwise, the parent will not be able to coach.

If you have any questions about anything, email the organizer at aloisthewalrus@gmail.com or (608) 797-4136.

Wiffle Ball is a baseball variation. Wiffle balls are plastic, hollow baseballs that rely on movement more than speed. The bats are thinner, shorter, and plastic. You can’t hit the ball as far, so there is a shorter field of play. Up to 5 people can bat, and 3 play outfields (1 Pitcher and 2 outfielders).
Closed-toed shoes (tennis shoes), water bottle (no water at the field). Encouraged: Batting helmet (not required), good attitude, t-shirts of team colors, and batting gloves. A portable toilet will be at the park.
League was created to give people that aren’t ready for or dislike baseball for whatever reason. It also gives people who love Wiffle Ball a chance to play locally. Wiffle ball is a fun game that I think people should be able to play together. I wanted to make this league to give people the chance to have fun when they go outside. For this year, the age group is 10-16, but we hope to expand it into more levels in the future!

The league is split into 2 leagues, the A league, and the B league. The A league is for more experienced, older, and more skilled players at the game. Everyone in the A league will get to play on a team. The top 5-6 players in the B league will also make a team. Teams are structured like that to make matches fairer and spread out the talent. Teams will play a total of 3 regular season sets (9 games). Each team will go into the playoffs (2nd week of August), to have a chance to play in the finals (final Friday of August), where they could win the league!

For the 2 leagues, the A league is formed into teams (depending on how many people). These will be the more experienced or older players to try to make sure players play people that they are close to in skill level and have more fun playing. The B league will not have teams and will be more focused on making sure people get the game and improve more fundamentals (like rules and basic concepts). Naturally, there will be some people in the B league that will get the game and rules better than others in their league. For those individuals we will make 1-2 teams (depending on people in B league and who we think could compete with more experienced, older players) to give them a fair chance play at the next level that they grew into. The team/teams will play like a normal team from A league, but will still practice with B league. I would be happy to clarify further (in person or through email) if this description does not explain it well enough.